About certification

Certification Process for CEDS

Understand the steps to becoming a certified eating disorder professional with iaedp™

Start your path by meeting the educational and professional experience criteria. Certification applications, including new CEDS, CEDS-Medical, iaedp-Consultant Supervisor and all renewals, are processed through iaedp’s Certification Application Platform. We recommend you wait to start your application no more than 60 Days before submission. 


  1. Core Curriculum: The educational component includes completion of our Core Course Curriculum and Certification Exam. You have 2 options for completing core courses: at our annual symposium (when in session) or year-round via our learning platform.
  2. Clinical experience with an iaedp-approved Supervisor: You will work with an iaedp-Approved Consultant. You may want to work with someone from your local chapter or search for a consultants anywhere in the world who matches particular experiences or populations.
  3. Certification Examination: Showcase your knowledge and skills by passing the iaedp certification exam. Certification Exam is to be taken by those seeking CERTIFICATION only. This exam is NOT required for those seeking the Associate Designee of iaedp Institute. 
  4. Case Study: You will prepare a case study that shows your competency in the care of eating disordered individuals. Generally, it is expected that you can address all aspects of diagnosis, case conceptualization, course of treatment and self-reflection. 
  5. Continuous Education: Commit to lifelong learning with ongoing educational opportunities. As a proud member of Institute for Credentialing Exellence (ICE), iaedp™ stays informed on best practices in developing and administering quality certification programs so we may better serve you.

iaedp is a NBCC Approved Continuing Education Provider™