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Your local hub for professional growth, networking,
and the collective pursuit of eating disorder treatment.

Chapters are the lifeblood of iaedp™. They represent the frontline of our mission, bringing our global objectives to local communities. As crucial extensions of our overarching organization, chapters play an integral role in amplifying our impact, fostering professional development, and enhancing member experience at a regional level.


We are proud of our International Chapter and its efforts toward representing countries around the world. We have International Chapter Chairs in Argentina, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Egypt, Ireland, Kenya, and Mexico.

Community Building

Chapters create a supportive network of peers who share knowledge, mentorship, and resources, reinforcing iaedp’s dedication to community and collaboration.

Events and Education

They offer localized training and educational opportunities that adhere to global iaedp standards while addressing region-specific needs and practices.

Continuing Education

Chapters provide members with easy access to continuing education and certification programs, essential for maintaining expertise.

Leadership Opportunities

They present members with leadership roles and a chance to influence the direction and impact of the iaedp at a community level.

Cultural Sensitivity

By understanding the cultural nuances, chapters ensure support and events are appropriately tailored, fostering inclusivity and diversity within the profession.

Local Networking

Chapters offer a platform for professionals to connect locally, leading to collaboration opportunities and professional partnerships.

Sharing Best Practices

They encourage the exchange of best practices and innovative approaches to treatment among professionals in various locales.

Peer Support

Local chapters provide a network of support for professionals who may otherwise feel isolated in their practice.

Resource Sharing

They facilitate the sharing of resources, including client referrals, job openings, and local support services though networking, events, webinars and more. 

Starting a Chapter

iaedp currently has over thirty chapters. We are adding more all the time, but if you don't already have a chapter in your area, why not start one?
➢ Discounts on iaedp™ Membership
➢ Recognition as a leading eating disorder professional in your local area and nationally
➢ Support, networking, education, and a referral system with other local professionals
➢ Guidance from other Chapter presidents and the Chapter Director
➢ Co-branding with a prestigious international organization