Volunteer opportunities

Support, Knowledge, and Passion

Leading Global Network for Eating Disorder Professionals

Volunteers are an essential part of iaedp™, offering their time, skills, and passion to further the mission. These dedicated individuals contribute across various facets of the organization, from local chapter activities to international conferences, embodying the collaborative spirit that is vital to iaedp’s success.

Iaedp volunteers serve in several capacities, including event organization, community outreach, mentorship programs, and educational initiatives. They are often professionals in the field who are committed to sharing their knowledge, expanding awareness, and supporting those impacted by eating disorders.
The association deeply values the diversity and expertise that each volunteer brings, recognizing that their generous contributions significantly enhance the resources, support, and education provided to both professionals and the communities they serve. Through their involvement, iaedp volunteers not only help to improve the quality of treatment for eating disorders but also foster a global community united in a common goal.


  • AAEDP-BIPOC Committee
  • Certification Committee 
  • COMC (Connection Outreach Mentoring Committee) 
  • Curriculum Committee 
  • EDTF Project / Task Force
  • International Committee