Certification for Eating Disorder Professionals

Elevate Your Professional Standing

Embark on a journey to excellence in eating disorder treatment with iaedp™ Certification. Stand out in your field, enhance your skillset, and join an elite network of certified eating disorder professionals. As a licensed eating disorder professional you are eligible to become a Certified Eating Disorder Specialist (CEDS) as well as a Certified Eating Disorder Specialist Consultant (CEDS-C). Note: The certification process is currently only available in English.

Why become iaedp certified?

Advanced knowledge and training

iaedp Certification is globally recognized and respected, symbolizing advanced knowledge and expertise in eating disorder care. Through certification, you receive:


Comprehensive training in the latest treatments and research, ensuring you’re equipped to provide the best possible care.


Connection with other certified professionals through iaedp’s exclusive events and online community.

Career Opportunities

Open doors to new career opportunities and positions you as a leader in the field using our iaedp Career Center.

Elevate Your Professional Status

Begin your certification journey with iaedp today and make an impact in the field of eating disorders.

Are you ready to lead and inspire the next generation of eating disorder professionals? Become an iaedp-Approved Consultant today and make a lasting impact in the field.

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